Tau Iota Talent Hunt

Greetings Candidates,

Thank you for your interest in our Talent Hunt Program.


There are two pdfs below to be completed at the bottom of this page. The Talent Hunt Candidate Application and The Talent Hunt Candidate Parental Consent Form. Please download them to your computer and save it.

Next please email your two completed pdf files and video submissions to either Brother Len Taylor, Greg Jones, or Kevin Richardson. 

Here are their email addresses:

Len Taylor's email is lentay265@yahoo.com

Greg Jones's email is gjones@legacyfoundationhartford.org


Kevin Richardson's email is kdrichardsonsr@gmail.com

Here are instructions on how to submit your video submissions in a link format using Google Photos(which offers the most free space), Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox.

Below are instructions on how to use Google Photos, see this link:


Below are instructions on how to use Microsoft OneDrive, see this link: 


Below are instructions on how to use Dropbox, see this link: