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National Dues: $130

(plus $3 National Dues Reclamation Fee if not financial the previous year)


District Dues: $75 

(if paid by Jan 31st, 2021)

Chapter Dues: $200

(if paid by Jan 31st, 2021)

Any dues received after January 31st will be subject to a $5 admin fee per dues at the District and Chapter Levels owed per IHQ. This means that National dues amount would remain at $130 (plus a possible $3 National Dues Reclamation Fee if a Brother where not financial the previous year). First District Dues would be $80 and Tau Iota Dues would be $205. Brothers can pay any amount they wish towards these dues. All funds collected are used to pay National Dues first, then District Dues and finally Chapter Dues. The total amount of dues will need to be collected in order for Brothers to be considered in good financial standing.

Information needed before paying dues:


Your Name

Mailing Address

Email Address

Phone Number

Control Number if you have it

Chapter of Initiation 

Please email this information to and prior to paying your dues and wait for confirmation it has been received before paying dues.

Payment Methods:

~Mail and make check payable to:

Tau Iota Chapter of Hartford, CT

P.O. Box 1211

Hartford, CT 06143

~Cash App:

Paid to $tauiotaques

Click image to be taken to CashApp

~PayPal (please choose the Friends and Family option to avoid transaction fees, see pic below):



Click image to be taken to PayPal

Paid to

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