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Tau Iota Talent Hunt

Greetings Candidates,

Thank you for your interest in our Talent Hunt Program. Please review the 2024 Talent Hunt Instructions below.


There is one word document letter and two pdfs below to be reviewed and completed at the bottom of this page. The Tau Iota Chapter Letter Word Document to be viewed and The Talent Hunt Candidate Application pdf and The Talent Hunt Candidate Parental Consent Form pdf. Please download them to your computer and save it.

Next please email your completed Talent Hunt Candidate Application and The Talent Hunt Candidate Parental Consent Form pdf files and video submissions to Tau Iota Chapter at Previous submissions can be viewed at

Here are instructions on how submit your video submissions in a link format using Google Photos(which offers the most free space), Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox.

Below are instructions on how to use Google Photos, see this link: 

Below are instructions on how to use Microsoft OneDrive, see this link:

Below are instructions on how to use Dropbox, see this link:

Greetings Candidates,

See full details in the attached word document at bottom of the page. 

February 25, 2024

I am reaching out to the Hartford community as the chair of Tau Iota's 2024 Talent Hunt. In the past, we have had very talented students audition and participate in the competition and we are seeking qualified high school students that would like to participate this year. The event is again virtual this year, we would need for the participants to submit video recordings of their performance.

  • Participation in the Talent Hunt is open for the following forms of performing and visual art: Music, dance, dramatic interpretation, or visual art.

  • All presentations including instrumental numbers must be memorized, dignified, and in good taste.

  • Track music may be used for accompaniment if there is no lead instrumental or background vocals included on the track.

  • Video Submission Requirements:

    • The contestants must submit their videos in .mp4 or .mov format only and contain the contestant’s name. (e.g.

    • The videos cannot contain any special effects to enhance their performance.

    • The contestants must provide a quick introduction (No longer than 15 seconds) prior to their performances. Introduction should include: Greeting, Name, Age, Grade, School (City/State), Category of performance and composer (If applicable). Example: Kinichiwa, my name is Charles Young, I am 17 years old and a senior at Kubasaki High School in Okinawa, Japan. I will be performing in the dramatic interpretation category: “Invictus”, by William Ernest Henley

    • The background area should have sufficient lighting and appropriate scenery.

    • The performance must be memorized and conducted in 6 minutes or less.

    • Appropriate dress in accordance with the guidelines is required. Contestants should dress as though giving a performance in person.

    • Videos do not need to be professionally recorded.

    • Videos made with iPhones or other digital devices are acceptable provided the audio and video are clear and in the proper format.

    • Previous performances can be seen at

  • Submission of Contestant application form.

  • Submission of Parental release and consent form.

  • Submission forms and instructions can be found at

If you are a potential candidate or know of any potential candidates, please let me know as soon as possible. We wish to have the videos submitted by April 1, 2024.  Winners will be notified by April 8, 2024.

*Scholarship Awards!

  • 1st place - $600

  • 2nd place - $350

  • 3rd place - $250

**In addition, if the contestant is in the top 3 for the 1st district, they will be invited to compete in person at the District Conference held in Hartford, CT on the weekend of May 3rd, 2024. There, the top 3 contestants will compete for additional scholarship awards.

***The winner at the District Conference will then go on to represent the district at the international level in Tampa, FL (June 2024). ALL participants at the international level will receive an additional scholarship.


Best regards and good luck!

Joe Santana

Basileus of Tau Iota Chapter

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