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Dues: Our Financial Commitment and the Direct Relationship to our Success and our Brand.

Dues are financial contributions typically paid by members for successful operation of an organization or group. Dues to us are more than a financial membership fee, but a commitment to the ideals and principles of the organization. Dues are one half of a two part equation of what is required for success: human resources + capital. The success and brand of an organization is directly tied to those two ingredients. They are the life-blood of any organization. Without financial resources, an organization merely is an association of individuals around a common theme. Dues and financial commitment is the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, something so obvious, but yet persona non grata to discuss.  


We typically want the benefits of an organization and its successful operation, but most often we shy away from dues, taxes, financial commitments, and obligations. The strength of a group is tied to the financial commitment of its members and associates. Organizations can not survive without substantive financial resources or support (volunteerism and engagement) that can be monetized.


Similar to the operation of governments, where we are required to pay our fair share for federal, state and local operations to receive the public benefits, we are equally responsible to pay our fair share to receive the benefits and support Omega, nationally, at the district level and locally. Love for Omega is not enough. We can not take pride in Omega’s success if we are not committed to the work required for Omega to continue its success. It is the responsibility of the elected leadership to manage and ‘invest’ the groups’ collective resources for the greater good. The leadership has a responsibility, but its members also have a responsibility.


In addition to our love and work for Omega, Omega and Tau Iota needs our financial support. We restrict the progress of the chapter in our efforts to hold the Omega banner high if we limit the assets available to carry out the work. As college educated men, the modest request for financial support and dues is a minor part of any of our discretionary spending. The collective strength of Omega and Tau Iota is found in us, the brothers, who protect support and advance its mission. We are the best resource for us. We can not rely on the public or any other outside funding opportunities to support our brand. We have to own our own brand. Owning means supporting financially.


Are we, as college educated men, comfortable and proud of our abilities to support the initiatives exemplified our cardinal principles? Should we be demanding more of ourselves to live up to the brand of Omega? By pooling our modest individual resources, we can be a beacon of hope for our local community in executing our mandated programs. Through our friendship and bond and financial commitment, we can make a difference for us and those around us. Our programs: Achievement Week, Talent Hunt, College Endowment Fund, NAACP, Scholarship, Voter Registration, Education, Health Initiatives, and Voter Mobilization, among other social action initiatives require the energy and spirit of Omega men and our financial commitment.

It is our hope and request that you dig a little deeper and place Omega and TI a little higher on your priority list of discretionary spending and contribute/donate/make your financial commitment to our continued success.

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